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16 GA. 7/16" Crown Heavy Wire Staples construction, building, staples, wire
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Best for sheathing, soffits, underlayment, lattice, cabinets, case backs and drawers.

5/8" Carton Closing Staples /2000 Per Box
Price: $13.46
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The C-staple is the most common box staple. The "C" designation refers to the crown width of the staple. A C-staple has a crown dimension of 1 1/4". It is commonly found in a variety of box staplers. Carton stapling remains an important method for securely closing corrugated boxes. In a world of global transportation using an industrial staple means that the package will arrive unopened. Carton closing staples can also be used as an effective supplement to glue or tape. Leg Length: 5/8" Crown...

A-11 3/8" Staples
Price: $12.78
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3/8" leg, A-11 tacker staples (T50 type), 304 stainless steel. Chisel point. APPLICATIONS: Roofing Tar Paper Insulation Tyvek™ Poly Sheeting Lumber Tagging