• Suitable for low- to medium-temp print applications including newspaper, gravure offset and flexographic printing
  • Ideal for offline splice prep and roll storage
  • High tack, high shear strength adhesive makes for reliable flying splices
  • Repulpable adhesive and paper liner prevent fiber contamination and save time

3M™ Repulpable Flying Splice Tape R5348 is a 5.0 mil splicing tape ideal for lower-temperature applications including newspaper, gravure, offset and flexographic printing as well as offline splice preparation and subsequent roll storage. It features easy-release break-open mechanism for fast, smooth flying splices. This straight-across tape eliminates complex or multi-tape setup, saving time.

For Lower-Temperature Flying Splice Applications
3M™ Repulpable Flying Splice Tape R5348 is ideal for low- to medium-temperature ovens on a range of substrates. Its 2.5 mil repulpable adhesive is suitable for light- to medium-weight paper as well as substrates including polyethylene, BOPP, polyester, cast polypropylene and aluminum foil. This splittable flying splice tape features a split liner that allows for easy roll preparation. The 3M proprietary break-open mechanism releases easily for smooth, reliable splices.

Recommended Applications:

  • Printing using low- to medium-temperature ovens for drying (40° to 100°F/4° to 38°C)
  • Light- to medium-weight newspaper printing, gravure and offset
  • Flexographic printing on high surface energy substrates
  • Offline splice preparation

Prevents Contamination
Unlike the competitor, 3M™ Repulpable Flying Splice Tape R5348 is fiber-free. This can result in less contamination on your blankets and throughout your process. This may lead to fewer printing defects and less downtime spent on cleanup.

Both the adhesive and the liner of our Tape R5348 are repulpable, which prevents broke contamination caused by non-repulpable fibers helping to increase the value of waste paper. The adhesive and backing meet or exceed TAPPI UM-213, procedure A.